Flint Hill Cemetery Association
Help Us Preserve History by Supporting the Planned Columbarium at Flint Hill Cemetery
Historic Flint Hill Cemetery is a serene place to remember and honor our family members and friends. The popularity of the cemetery has resulted in brisk demand for burial sites during the last several years, and now there are fewer than 250 sites remaining in our 5-acre haven. To address this, we will be constructing a small columbarium to create 300 opportunities for family members to be inurned near loved ones, while ensuring the financial viability and continuous care and protection of the cemetery for decades to come.  

Flint Hill Cemetery Association is working to raise funds so construction can begin as soon as possible.  There are several ways you can help us reach our fundraising goals:

- Make a donation to the Flint Hill Cemetery Association.  Donations made through the website will go toward our columbarium fundraising goal until construction begins.

 - Purchase a niche in the columbarium at a pre-construction price of $2,000.  Each 12" x 12" x 12 niche can hold up to two burial urns that are rectangular boxes no larger than 8.5" x 6.5" x 4.5".  Send an email to info@flinthillcemetery.org for more information.

 - Purchase a paver or a bench as a memorial or in honor of a loved one.  Each 4" x 8" laser-engraved paver will be permanently installed along the walkway of the cemetery’s new columbarium.  Each paver costs $150 and can accommodate a maximum of 3 lines of text with a maximum of 20 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation.  Benches cost $2,500 and can accommodate a maximum of 3 lines of text with a maximum of 14 characters per line.

The donations for the purchase of pavers and benches are 100 percent tax deductible.  See image to the right. 

There are two ways to order: 
Completing an order form and mailing a check to the Flint HIll Cemetery Association per the instructions on the form.  The form can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF file to the right.
- PayPal using the links to the right.  Be sure to include engraving instructions under your address block on PayPal for Pavers and Benches.





Columbarium Fund